Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alotta of Catching Up To Do!

I have been busy these past weeks and have not posted for a while :( ... I have a lot on my drafts though that I wasn't able to finish them.. Urgh! Work, work work! But I have not forgotten to check out the posts of those pretty nail bloggers that I follow :)

I went to Davao (southern part of the Philippines, about 1.5 hour plane ride from Manila) last week.  I stayed there for 2 days which sucked because all I did was work and never really went out... On my first day there, I looked for lunch and some fab finds to give as gifts for friends.  I found a lot of native products and nail stickers which cost 50% lesser than those I bought from Manila.  So you already know what I happened.  I bought lots of pretty stickers!  I am so busy to paint flowers so stickers work too! :)

Here's my NOTD.  I used a bronzed gold polish as base and randomly stick orange and purple flowers on it.  On the background is a green weaved native purse that I also bought.  First photo was taken with a flash which showed gold!



  1. It's a pity you didn't see more of Davao, there's so much to see there!
    Cute stickers, I envy you your haul! Where did you find them in Davao and for how much? We have elianto here but I find it expensive. Maybe I'm just too frugal, lol.

  2. hey jo, victoria mall in davao. like elianto's 99Php and those from victoria mall are 39Php each! you from davao?

    i was able to go to GM and in the park where they have the eagles.. that's it then i head to the airport going back to manila.

    mangosteens were sooooo good! :)