Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crack Me Up!

Oh my goodness!  I just looove this cracking polish...

I used Mode Cosmetics bright polishes in Diva (hot pink), Say Cheese (bright yellow) and No Curfew (deep orange).  Topped it all off with BK cracking polish in black.

I followed the the trick I read on blogs that I follow -- that is to apply thick if you want larger cracks and thin when you wanted smaller cracks.  I heard it's a pain to remove! But I'll wear this one until tomorrow or so.  Good luck to me! Oooooh!

On this mani, I apply a little thicker on the middle of the nail bed then moving towards the side of the nails with thinner swipes.

Have you tried a crack polish?  How did you find it?  Too bad OPI shatter isn't available here in PI :( I "need" that!

Thanks for looking and great day/night to y'all! :)


  1. Wow, I love how the base is really colorful and shines through the cracks, though they are really narrow. Amazing ide, I really have to try out something like that =)

  2. oh, I forgot to say, that so for I have only 1 crackle polish, and I got that from Born Pretty for a review, but I really hope that Essence Crackle polishes come soon =)

  3. thanks colorful bottle :)
    i only have that one (BK) too, but i'm glad it comes in other colors!

  4. I love your manis! Greetings from a new follower... ;-)