Sunday, January 23, 2011

Looks Like Christmas!

I've seen this kind of design in a lot of nail blogs and youtube videos.  Sorry, I wasn't able to name all of you... and I will not take the credit.  I thought the design is beautiful and pretty easy to make :)  Makes me think of Christmas... hmmm...

Excuse me for the excessive cuticle oils. My cuticles were sooooo dry!!! :'(

I started this mani with a gradient glitter nails with green/hint of yellow on a pearly white background/ base.  It was fun to do using sponge technique! 
And the planning stage pic LOL! I got bored in the office and drew what I'll do with my nails.  I planned to do some vines in green but when I finished the flowers, I thought of just leaving it just like that.  I also didn't follow what I have planned for for the thumb.   Happy Sunday! :)


  1. this is a cute mani!! and i love how you plan out your design.

  2. great concept! i love it!
    and oppps I miss u sis! ☻

  3. Cute! Interesting to see that you plan your manicures, lol I never thought of that before O_o

  4. oh no, i don't usually plan my manicures. only very few ones! or when i'm dead bored! haha!