Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink and Purple Wedding Mani

On Saturday, the 29th -- I will be attending a friend's wedding.  Their motif - from invitation, wedding souvenirs, decorations, bride's maid dress, etc are all pink and purple.  I am thinking of having coordinating mani as well :)

I'm experimenting and here are some ideas.
* on thumb and ring fingers - my first water marble. YAY!!! I like how it turned out on thumb but not the one on the ring finger.  I don't know why there were bubbles... sheeesshhh.. guess I need more practice!
* on pointer and middle fingers - I put rhinestones in red, pink and purple. 
* or should i just wear "Candy Pink" alone like the one on my pinky?

Which one is better? Or maybe I'll think of something else, lol.


  1. thanks camille :) i am watching some youtube videos now to improve on my marbling, lol.