Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fimo Flowers on Pink and Purple Nails

Hello there!  Happy Tuesday! :)

It's my first time to try fimo clays.  I got a few sticks earlier and was very excited to have a new mani.  I thought it was pretty easy, I didn't know that it'll be a little hard because those cutie flowers tend to roll up.. geeeesshhhh... Any advise?  I tried to hold it for a few seconds and had coats of glitter and clear top coats.  I think I also cut the fimo sticks a little thicker.  I need practice. :S


  1. I have fimo canes too and they tend to last a day or so (if that) before falling off on me...perhaps I need nail glue.

  2. i tried it again using thinner slices of fimo on my right hand. don't need any glue, top coat can do the trick and i think it's better. i think i'll stay longer too! :)

  3. Thanks for answering! I'll have another go then :P

  4. you are welcome... :) check out my other post


  5. These are beautiful nails! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do anything with fimo clays. I'm so simple with my nails. I need to branch out. The only reason I haven't is I know I'd suck big time at any art. Yours look great though!