Monday, May 3, 2010

May Flowers: Another Spring Nails!

Hi everyone! I've been busy these past week -- 1st, with a presentation at work and 2nd, helping my friends with their nails.. whew! and have neglected my blog for a while... I haven't even swatch'ed my new polishes yet. :(

Well.. today's mani is kinda an experiment for a friend. I received a few compliments on my free hand spring themed nails and she wanted one for herself but a little differently. So I inverted the design (grass not on the tip), removed the clouds and made the flowers bigger.

I was so sleepy when I took these pictures last night, it came out crappy! So sorry! I tried to fix it but it came out blurry :( I didn't clean up the edges yet. Pinky finger and thumb had different designs. Ring finger, thumb and pinky were topped with glitters.  Click to enlarge pics.

Happy Monday!