Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Waltz

Hey y'all! Had a great week so far? Mine's not that great.. because my nails are shorter now :( I had an accident at work and 2 nails cracked at the tips.  I had to cut all shorter.  My friends said that cutting them a li'l shorter will make me type faster LOL.  There is no truth in that.  I type just the same.  :)

I had white french tips yesterday that I had to change becauseeeeeee... I had an idea for a nail do!!! :)) Niki did a wonderful job on her "spring in the air".  I love it and I wanna do it too... but I had to change it a bit (or maybe a lot).  I can't do the tiny fine lines for the grassy field and the bug :(  My hands are shaky and I don't use nail art pens.  I put in li'l flowers on a grassy bed under the same blue sky with rolling clouds.  Sounds poetic and good than it actually looks like. LOL  Hmmm... I don't know if you'll like it.  It's not perfect I know.  I made a lot of mistakes and was too lazy to start over?! I will appreciate your comments. 

Thanks Niki for the inspiration :)  Here's what I came up with.
For the base, I used a sky blue polish from Elianto.  Grassy bed were 2 shades of green.  The clouds were brushed lightly using a satin white polish.  I also used pinks (light pink, reg pink, something like a coral) and yellow for the flowers using toothpicks.  Pretty messy after work scene below and yes, I work in front of my computer :P

Now, these were my nails after cutting it shorter and with white tips.  It actually looks ok to me... but I don't think I'll live without that much color.  LOL

Btw, I now have 11 followers.  Yeeehhhhaaawwwww!!!! Thanks ladies. :) 

*** why "spring waltz"? ... that's the title of the korean drama that i am watching on my computer, with english subs of course! they have grassy fields on most scenes with yellow flowers. it looks romantic! hahaha

Tired and sleepy,


  1. I love those nails. They're so detailed and that had to take so much time. I wouldn't change a thing, they are great!

  2. This looks gorgeous and definitely gets you in the mood for Spring!

  3. @lacquer - only the lil flowers took time, the rest are a bit easy :) glad you like it!

    thanks katrina.

    @justmynails - thank you, for someone who lives in a country with just 2 seasons(summer and rainy days), that is how i imagined spring! :)

  4. Jan, that's so pretty. Makes me wish to lie down on that grass and find shapes in the clouds. Very nicely done, especially as I see we both have the same tool of choice, LOL!

  5. hahaha.. i agree on the tools! thank you jo. :)

  6. They're beautiful!! Great job!!!! :D