Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sun, the Sea and of course - the Nail!

Just got back from an exhausting but enjoyable trip.  We went to a 6 hour cruise yesterday, tried fishing (with no luck LOL) and ate and ate some more :)  

I love this picture... reminding of an escape from the city! :)
At some point, we all thought it's gonna rain with clouds forming and getting dark-- but it didn't yey! :P  It was cloudy but we all felt sticky.  It was humid.  The sun was soooo bright when we started sailing but then these clouds hid the sun. 

Here's my nail-do yesterday -- I shopped for new polishes as I have stated on my previous post and tried each and every single one of them.   Looks cute to me (tee-hee!)

I thought this was cool.  A cold beer, the sea, the sun, nice escape from the city and colorful nails :)


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