Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Shopping Bag: Thursday Marquee Madness with Carol

I bought these on Thursday... :)  Most are "affordable" (which translate to cheap :)) and only the 2 Elianto's are quite pricey for me.

Excited to use them! :)

Edited this post to add that when my friend who was with me at the mall took off to find some Ipanema flipflops, I grabbed these items.  I finished paying for all these in less than 30 minutes.  She was so surprised that I already bought a lot in a very short time.  Talk about an impulsive buyer... LOL She has not even tried her flipflops yet.  Haaaayyyyy... This shopping caused me major pink attack when all I went for is more green and blue.  Well, there's no "too much" for me anyway.  I will use them real soon! :)  A note for me though is to check my boxes first and list (or try to) the colors that I need. 


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