Friday, April 16, 2010

Summerrific! Refreshing Watermelons and Mango Shake

Remembering that I will be enjoying summer to the fullest this weekend, let me share to you 2 nail do's from last week :)

First one is an attempt to recreate the watermelon design that I have seen so many times... Again, I'm new to this.  Forgive me if it's not so pretty... I like them though as I worked hard to get it done :)

The second one's my own design.  I have not worn yellow before but this one's pretty subtle.  I created a white flower with green leaves.  I used no name polishes by the way so I can't tell you the exact color.  I'll be posting my "babies" (nail polish bottles) soon so you'll see that I'm a "no brand" gal.  :) Been neglecting my cuticles recently so don't mind them :(

I promise to give you clear pictures in the future, those were taken using my phone.. sorry... 

Packing my clothes while uploading pics and typing... Comments, suggestions are welcome... Give me love...


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