Friday, April 16, 2010

First Ever (yay!)

Hello all and welcome ;)

Feeling quite excited while typing this...Had been contemplating whether to do this for quite some time now-- to blog or not to blog?! LOL

This will sound a lot different from my past blogs but here goes...  I am recently addicted to nail art and nail polishes.  My sister and my friends were so surprised that I finally take on being "kikay" and started doing my own nails.  Yup, a lot of people would say that this is just one of my "ever changing mood or trip" but they sure don't know how hard I'm trying and the time that I invested learning... LOL

But still.. I'm happy to share my nails and my craziness to the world LOL  Pretty psyched and positive that this new hobby or addiction of mine will be fruitful.  I am hoping to meet new friends too and learn from them.  

As you might have guessed, I'm no professional -- I'm a dear newbie.  :)


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