Monday, April 19, 2010

Blinding Neons

It's Monday already.  Darn! How can we ever extend weekend?! *sigh* I just don't feel like going to work LOL  Anyway, I played with my neon polishes and came up with this.  Tada!

I used Klik nail polish which is available locally (Phil).  Colors are neon green, neon blue, neon pink and neon yellow.  Above is a picture with flash.  Below is the one without a flash (sorry, my camera sucks today ugh!) Then far below is a picture outside or with natural day light.  Neon pink and blue were good with 2 coats but not the neon green and yellow.  I can still see my nail line after 3 or 4 coats. 

I got bored with just plain neon so I added some dots :))  I wanted irregularly shaped dots so it'll look like virus or bacteria LOL weird me!



  1. i love neon polishes !!!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!!

  2. yey! thanks a bunch lily :))

  3. thanks lacquer.. don't you think i overdid it and it's so neon and blinding? lol